What if cavemen had a furnace

Sometimes I go camping with friends.

The afternoons resting around a campfire can be enjoyable just talking to friends plus staring into the fire. I can say many times I will completely zone out on the fire thinking about random thoughts. Like how life would be weird if a caveman had an actual heater? Not a firepit of twigs, wood plus I’m guessing critter parts. Maybe after a long afternoon of walking around in the wilderness hunting or berrypicking they could just come back to their cave plus rest their feet which were legitimately filthy on a cement with a furnace vent pouring warmth over their head. This to some seems impossible because electricity didn’t exist. I continue to guess how can said cavemen get his hands on something that can do the same effect. Only thing I can guess about is eventually they created a fireplace however I’m sure the rocks were just thrown everywhere plus it was just awful placement. I guess my anxiety is building up thinking about how disorganized they would be. I kind of wish I was loft right now with my feet on my radiant heated floors pondering this stuff. There is a little breeze kicking up that is a bit cold so I guess I won’t be outside long. What if cavemen had radiant heated floors? I have to stop thinking about this stuff as I’m going to try plus make this make sense however there is no way. I heard my acquaintance John ask me a question plus obviously I wasn’t listening because my brain is in the cement age currently. I nodded to him agreeing. He then said alright go gather more wood. I should’ve been paying attention, but now I am the caveman.


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