When do HVAC technicians go door-to-door?

I had never heard of HVAC technicians going from door-to-door. I couldn’t figure out why the HVAC technician was knocking on my door last weekend. He had some papers in his hand, and he was talking to my husband about a whole-home air purification system. I walked out and asked why my husband was talking to a door-to-door sales agent. He introduced the man as the new owner of the local HVAC company. He said he wanted to get to meet all his new customers and thought it would be best if he did it in person. He said his father had retired and he had taken over the HVAC company. They still had all the same HVAC technicians and their service and motto hadn’t changed. He was just handing out literature about the company and their services, and there was a magnet with their phone number attached to the literature. I still wasn’t sure I liked the thought of the HVAC company going door-to-door, but I was pleased with his pleasantries and the reason he showed up. I hope their service stays as good as it has always been, but I wouldn’t believe it until I knew it for sure. Two weeks later, we had to call and have our furnace serviced. When the HVAC technician arrived, he was a young man we had seen several times. I asked him what he thought about the new owner, and the HVAC technician told us that next to the man’s father, he was the best HVAC company owner they could have asked for.



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