Where do I put the gas furnace after it is detachd?

I thought that whenever someone delivered an appliance, the supplier would take the old appliance away.

I wasn’t sure if the same thing went for HVAC systems, despite the fact that I was sure it would.

When the HVAC supplier arrived to install my new HVAC system, they put the old component in the backyard. I was sure they would opening up the old HVAC component and take it away when they left, but they didn’t. I was nervous and called the HVAC supplier to ask if they were going to come back for it. The person who answered the phone said the HVAC specialists would return later in the day, and they would not just connect everything and the two of us could have heat by the end of the morning. I was delighted to guess the gas furnace would work within a couple of hours, because it was supposed to be frigid that evening. I wasn’t delighted that no 1 had said a word about them taking the old HVAC component with them. I did not guess what the two of us were going to do with it. When my husband came lake house that day, he told myself and others he would talk to the HVAC specialists and see what they were going to do? When he said something to the HVAC specialists, they said they weren’t sure if they were supposed to take the old component with them. There was nothing written on the work order that they were to take the old HVAC equipment, and without permission, they couldn’t. I grabbed the work order and wrote on it they should detach the old HVAC component before they left the premises.

HVAC technician