Why I became an Heating and A/C tech

I went to college for six glorious years.

  • I never got my diploma, unluckyly, however I made a lot of great memories, and l gained a lot while I was in college.

Most of what I l gained happened in the frat house. The frat condo was get together central, and was so much fun that I did terribly in college. It is the reason I spent 6 years on a 4 year degree, and never even got that degree! What I did get was a wider education about life, and in an unexpected way I found my calling. Our frat condo was so old and decrepit it did not even have a central Heating and A/C system, and most of the rooms had individual units instead. It took me a few tries, and I ruined a few cooling systems, but finally I got the hang of it. After that, all of us didn’t need to call an Heating and A/C tech absolutely often, because I could rig up any of the units that broke. When all of us needed spare parts, I had a half dozen cooling systems to choice through. Those were the A/C units I broke while I was first reading, and now they were providing a lot of valuable parts. After reading the ropes, I decided it would be a smart move to get my Heating and A/C certification, and seek out a task in the industry. I was pretty great at it, I loved the work, and college cost too much anyway, so that’s why I decided to quit college and become an Heating and A/C tech. Best decision I ever made!


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