Why i no longer fly

I no longer fly on airlines anywhere.

  • The reason for this is because I can not kneel the heating and air conditioner nor the air quality on planes these afternoons.

It seems they have all got absolutely cheap with the cash they invest to supply the passengers indoor comfort. The air quality is constantly bad and makes me choke or sneeze my face off, or the heating and air conditioner is so weak that you are either freezing or think care about you are in a small oven. I’m not having any of that anymore! It is so uncomfortable to me I simply can not deal with it any longer. When I travel I end up either taking road trips in my car which has a great central heating and air conditioner plus it can handle long road trips, or, I will take a train and get a sleeper car. The heating and air conditioner on trains I have noticed are not great, but they are reasonable. Also the air quality is a lot better cause you have more space in a long distance train ride with sleeper cars in there. Sure it is easily luxurious compared to flying anywhere and also it can take you a month or more to get across the country on a train versus the 8 hours or less it would on a plane. But I would rather spend money the high dollars and take a long time to get anywhere in good indoor comfort than have to deal with indoor discomfort for a whole day non stop on a plane with bad heating and air conditioner!



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