Why would someone steal my space heater?

It is great official sense to not leave your valuables out where they are easy to steal.

Maybe you don’t need a safe for some things, but you should still put them out of sight, so people aren’t tempted to take them.

I suppose all the people understands to not leave a pile of money on the home office counter, even if you trust the people around you it still doesn’t make sense to leave money sitting out, but or jewels, or any other little valuable items that can be entirely taken and hidden in a pocket. With all that said, no a single ever expects something care about a toilet, sofa, or a space heating system to be stolen. It is the middle of the summer, so the space heating system was packed into the back of the closet. It’s not care about it was sitting right near the door and someone took it on a whim, the thief had to dig into the closet to get this space heater! There were only fifteen or twenty people at this get together, and with something as giant as a space heating system someone must have seen it being stolen, right? The giant thing for me is figuring out why someone would bother to steal a space heating system at all. They don’t cost that much, and I rarely use it for heating my home, so I doubt I will even replace it until next winter, so losing the space heating system itself is genuinely not a giant deal, there are way worse things that could have been stolen, however I am so puzzled as to why!

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