Will I need to call our HVAC company?

The company policy about critters in the employer was unquestionably clear, since I was attacked as well as bitten by a pet during the course of our duties, I believe entitled to sue for destructions; What happened was not our fault, although I seem to be the one paying the price for it. When clients sign up for our annual repair plan, they have to sign a contract. Part of that contract is an agreement saying that all pets as well as critters need to be clogged when an HVAC repair tech is on the premises, then the pet doesn’t have to go in a cage, but it should be secured in another room so it can’t startle the HVAC worker. Since this purchaser signed the contract that meant they were legally responsible for our medical bills. The HVAC company does not offer unquestionably good medical insurance, as well as I had to spend money a lot out of pocket to deal with the pet bite! Not to mention the fact I had to miss more than one weeks of labor after the incident. The HVAC company asked me not to sue the client, because it would make him look bad. Meanwhile he won’t spend money our medical bills, either, so what option do I have in the matter? I had been attempting to repair a faulty valve in the water boiler when the pet attacked me, and if the purchaser won’t help me, as well as the HVAC company won’t help me, after that I hope the justice method will have our back! If the HVAC company fires me because of it, I’ll sue him, too.

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