Window AC Unit for Cool Air

My husband has always preferred to sleep in an environment that is cool.

If he had things his way, he’d set the thermostat to sixty degrees, but I would never let him do that.

Anything below 70 degrees is just unnecessary, cold and inefficient. After listening to him complain about being too hot too many times though, we knew we needed to do something. As I said before, we couldn’t lower the thermostat anymore because it was inefficient, especially in the summertime. We have a ceiling fan that we keep running all night, but that doesn’t provide any cool air because it only pushes the hot air around. One day though, my husband approached me with a different idea. He wanted to install a window AC unit next to his side of the bed in an attempt to get extra air. The window AC unit would run off of electricity and it would keep his side of the room cool during the evenings. My husband said that he would only run the window AC unit when it was time for bed and I thought it sounded good. Before we purchased one though, I wanted to make sure it was actually a good idea. I called my brother about the issue because he had a background in heating and air systems. He knew my husband’s issues and thought it was worth a shot. My husband was so excited to have the window AC unit installed because he was looking forward to a cool night of sleep.



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