Would be nice to see how much we are paying on the energy bills in real time

Well, the temperature was pretty amazing a few hours ago, but now it’s getting a little bit too warm outside so I’m going to turn on my a/c equipment once again plus pay the power business’s my hard acquired currency.

I certainly would appreciate knowing how much it costs per hour to run my air conditioner equipment, that way I can get a grip on my spending each afternoon so I truly know if I’m spending too much on my climate control in the property… What they need is some kind of meter that shows how much currency you’re spending when your a/c equipment is working.

Maybe they can incorporate that somehow into the smart control unit’s functions so we are able to see how much we’re spending for the week. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to not be shocked when your power bill comes each week? Usually the surprise I get is not a wonderful surprise, because I was using my heating or cooling too much for the previous month or more than one. There must be a way for the Heating plus Air Conditioning companies to put together some special smart control equipment so that it knows how much currency you are spending while you are running the a/c or heating, plus to display it for you in real time so you can see for yourself exactly how much you’re spending. I guess this is doable plus maybe this is something we will see down the road if we are fortunate. Or even better, all of the Heating plus Air Conditioning appliances in the future will be green plus won’t use any power in the slightest. This would make all of the local suppliers a lot happier also.

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