You don’t need to be a man to hire an HVAC tech.

Before I moved, I had an HVAC company that was loath to talk to you if you weren’t a man.

  • They thought only a man should hire an HVAC technician.

I always thought that was very backward thinking, but to be honest, that was one job I wanted my husband to do. I didn’t care anything about the HVAC system except knowing that it worked. We moved about ten years ago, and everything was different. The HVAC technicians aren’t as stodgy, and they are very friendly. I don’t mind calling the HVAC company and asking them for help. My husband likes knowing he doesn’t need to do second hand calling, because he often has the wrong information. I’m becoming used to calling the HVAC company, and I hate it. It was so much easier when we lived in the other county. I never had to worry about changing the air filter, because the HVAC technician would do it for me. They thought I was the woman of the house, and that was not a job for a woman. Whenever one of the HVAC technicians went by the house, they would stop and ask if I needed the air filter changed. It was a small community of less than 200 people, and most of the families were Amish,which accounted for the men’s attitude. Their women worked in the fields, took care of the home and the farm, and they worked for the money, is how I looked at it. It was nice to be treated like a woman, even if it was only getting my air filter changed.
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