Changing the design of my whole house

My house is that classic farmhouse.

The homeowners before me really leaned into it as well.

The outside of the house is orange with brown trim. The inside is all wood walls, wood ceiling, and brown carpet. There is even wallpaper in areas and the rugs are blue checked. Any furniture the previous owner left is an ugly wood, ornate looking thing. I just hated the entire space. It had potential though. I could see it. I could feel it. So I contacted an interior design company and asked for some assistance. I wanted to see if they could make the farmhouse look disappear. They informed me that it was too strong. You had all the wood, a farmhouse sink, and the shape of the rooms were in that style. You can’t change how things were built unless you want to demo it. I really didn’t. So I had them make it in a contemporary farmhouse style. The wood ceiling stayed but the wood walls were painted white. The brown rug came up and the gray tile went down. No more wallpaper or ugly curtains. The couch is a sleek gray with yellow pillows. I have some very high quality custom oak furniture that ties in the ceiling and with silver knobs that tie in my contemporary style. Finding that right blend was tough. I was really glad a professional was with me every step of the way. I couldn’t have changed the style as easily, cheaply, and quickly without an interior designer and custom furniture builder. They really saved me butt.


Rustic meets traditional