Author: Anna

I did Not know how to properly work a thermostat

Sometimes, a huge problem can be caused by such a little issue. The trouble is, it’s not consistently apparent what the issue is, or if its a minor one that requires only an easy fix. I was quite frustrated recently after I bought a brand new weather conditions control plan installed in our new home. […]

Why you need to replace the air filter

Having the Cleanest air is a precious thing! Anyone who suffers from flu symptoms correctly will tell you that they legit miss those afternoons when they could breathe in and out deeply and easily, without breaking into a cough or a sneeze. However, did you know that your Heating and A/C plan will benefit from […]

Why I signed up for a Heating and A/C repair plan

It’s best to get a fully certified Heating and A/C tech to do regular repair on your weather conditions control system. A fantastic annual Heating and A/C service plan is an investment costing potentially thousands of dollars. That is a pretty steep sum, but It’s not just a one-and-done purchase… Currently, there are no weather […]

I Remember the AC in university

I’ve got quite a lot left of college loans to pay off. I cannot say that I did not see exactly where all that money was going while I was attending though. My university was undoubtedly nice. Most of the facilities were very aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. The dining commons had the most blissful a/c!! […]

The cafeteria was freezing

I had pretty neat junior high and university experiences. I went to a large university that had just under three thousand students who attended grades 6th through 12th. The junior high and high university buildings were distant from each other, but the cafeteria was shared by all. It was a nice facility, and both of […]

Taking the afternoon off from my job

Sometimes, you need to take the afternoon off from your job just to take the afternoon off from your job. If you are a very strenuous worker, and you hardly ever miss a afternoon, every now and then you shouldn’t have the need to justify taking an afternoon off to relax. That’s our philosophy. I […]

The absence of a/c at the Mexican restaurant

I previously thought that the primary reason that I go to restaurants is for the food. Why would I possibly care about anything else? If I don’t love the food that’s being served at a restaurant, I would never bother to go there. I never legitimately suppose about the ambience and atmosphere, or whether or […]

My first workplace had no working a/c

On our first workplace outside of the university, I had more than one primary responsibility. I worked in a “big box” store, but on any given afternoon, I would either bring shopping carts in from the corrals to the store, or I would work in the condo, house & garden section. Whenever 1 of our […]

Loss of a/c in the car convinced me to buy a new 1

I like to save money in any way that I possibly can. I have a budget for nearly anything and everything. My parents gifted myself and others their very outdated SUV our junior year of high university, and the SUV had already been in the family for numerous years. It had well over 78,000 miles […]

Good a/c can help our headaches

I get terrible stress headaches on a regular basis. It’s not love I’m freaking out about our workload and all the heavy responsibilities I carry. I do our best to prioritize our itinerary and get things done. It’s just that every now and then, the tiny text on the computer screen will begin to blur, […]

Took the right tool to find the HVAC bandit

I’m not exactly the handiest of people. So my tool collection is pretty sparse. Actually, most of it I’ve had for all of my adult life. Dad gave me most all of it. I think I was quite a disappointment to my dad in the mechanical vein. He was always out in the garage or […]