Author: Anna

You don’t want to void a heating and AC warranty

It’s just so weird for us being homeowners and living in a suburb. It’s so much more than the movie image we’ve had in our head much of our adult life. We grew up inside property highrises inside the city. We’re talking immense buildings with boilers in the basement the size of two battle tanks. […]

She purchased a modern central heating and cooling unit

Wendy’s mom recently purchased a modern central heating and cooling unit. Honestly, that this central heating and that she purchased is like no other. It’s the most powerful central heating and cooling Wendy has ever experienced in her whole entire life. Wendy is not used to central heating and cooling being this powerful. She had […]

Rick just bought his very first electric fireplace

Rick just bought his first electric fireplace and he has to tell you that these things are awesome. Sure it cost him several grand of an investment, but it was well worth it. Electric fireplaces are like super powerful space heaters and can heat your living room real nice and fast. If you were to […]

They had to install a ductless heat pump down there

The answer was there in front of them the whole time. It’s just they couldn’t see it. When Emma and Chad did, it was sweet relief. Like numerous other families across the globe, Emma and Chad opted to go through the process of adjustments when the pandemic was raging. They got sent home from the […]

We were thinking about the old portable space heaters

We were thinking the other afternoon about the ancient portable space heaters and the modern day portable units. And we have to say that the ancient portable space heaters were big. They weren’t so portable the way we remember them. We recall having one in the family bathroom growing up that was used to heat […]

The heating and AC experts helped him out as well

If the pandemic taught John anything it’s that he can adapt and that working from home inside the central air conditioning of his cabin is okay. Actually, it’s better than okay as that’s where he is working now. Each day, John rises well before dawn to start his day here inside his home office. He […]