HVAC maintenance is so valuable

I was talking to my neighbor the other day about his HVAC situation.

  • He told me that his heat pump was on its last legs and he was looking at replacing it.

I felt for him because that’s a big chunk of change to have to break off. When we first bought our home, we decided to stick with the HVAC unit that was there. This was all part of the fact that the house was in as is condition and priced to sell quickly. We got so much house for way less money so we were willing to deal with the renovations. Fortunately, the HVAC equipment held out for a couple of years. The residential HVAC upgrade was actually the final renovation. But man, that’s investment of thousand of dollars in HVAC equipment. So we immediately signed up for the HVAC service plan which is focused on HVAC maintenance. It’s been a decade and there hasn’t been even a hint of any sort of heating and cooling problem. But when I asked my neighbor how many years he got out of his HVAC equipment, I was shocked by the answer. He told me that he had installed that heat pump 12 years ago which was right about the time we were buying this house. Yet, he never did any sort of HVAC maintenance of any kind. This was definitely a prime example of why you protect your heating and cooling investment with consistent, seasonal HVAC maintenance. I’m planning on getting at least 25 years or more of uninterrupted quality heating and air from our residential HVAC. And HVAC maintenance is the main reason.


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