Logical air conditioning strategy will save money

I’ve been living way down south for the better part of five years now.

  • This is actually the fifth summer.

While I’m not exactly a local, I’m definitely not a rookie when it comes to the sort of summer we endure around here. And this year, I’m determined to finally address the exorbitant costs we run up when it comes to cooling our home. I sort of understand the first few summers because it was all so new and all we could do was lean on the air conditioning. But that comes with some serious expense and I’m tired of draining the checking account by over cooling the house. Additionally, when you lean that hard on air conditioning it makes being outside even that much more overwhelming. I find myself just going from air conditioning to air conditioning all summer long to avoid any sort of heat. And that’s really sort of a stupid way to live. For sure, during the peak heating hours of the day, you definitely want to be inside some form of air conditioning. Outside of those hours, I want to be enjoying my life and getting outside for some fresh air. So this year, we’ve all agreed to leave the air conditioning off as long as possible. We’re going to learn to deal with the heat and acclimate to this environment. That way there will be much less demand for air conditioning this summer and that should save us a ton of money. So when the temperatures creep up into the 80’s consistently this spring, we’re not reaching for the thermostat. Instead, we’re leaving windows open and the fans on. Sooner or later, we just have to get with the program.


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