Sad to see the old heat pump go

I was the kid who would hold elaborate funerals for any of my childhood pets like hamsters, goldfish and gerbils.

It was a whole thing and I would honestly be pretty upset.

That is until I got a replacement. However, when we got our dog, that was a whole different sort of love. I’m thankful that I was out of the central air conditioning and off to college when she died. Strangely, I also feel attached to lots of stuff in my life as well. My husband gives me a hard time about humanizing inanimate objects. Yet, my argument is how can you call something that provides the heating and cooling comfort for your family simply a machine. I fell in love with this house the moment we walked in to it. After we replaced the HVAC equipment and did a few other upgrades, it was the perfect home to raise our family. That HVAC equipment was the first serious investment as a homeowner I had ever made. So I really loved that heat pump because it provided such great quality heating and air in a home I loved. It was almost like that heat pump was sort of like our protector and looked after our family. So when my husband informed me that we were going to have to replace that heat pump, I took it hard. I know it’s stupid but I really did feel like we were losing a member of this household. For sure, I’m enjoying the latest in HVAC technology now that the new HVAC unit has been installed. But I will be forever in debt to that old heat pump for the years of dedicated service.

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