Rolled the dice on the HVAC unit

On top of that, we can also expect smothering humidity as well.

I’m not a gambler. The one time I went out to Las Vegas, I don’t think I gambled more than maybe twenty bucks. I’d lose five, win seven and then lose four. It was like that and I enjoyed it I suppose. But I would consider what I was doing to really be gambling. Actually, the most fun I had when I was there was just people watching. It’s a scene that’s for sure. When it comes to taking risks, I tend to be very calculated about all that. But when the HVAC technician told me last spring that the heat pump was on its last legs, I learned all about rolling the dice. We always have the HVAC professionals come out to do the air conditioning tune up each spring. I was not at all expecting to hear about the demise of my heat pump though. It caught both my wife and I off guard because we had really not been saving for new residential HVAC. We had the choice of either financing new HVAC equipment or rolling the dice on the old heat pump for one more summer. Where we live, this isn’t just any old summer. From June through September we can expect daily temperatures that hover in the upper 90’s. On top of that, we can also expect smothering humidity as well. Still, we decided to go for it and do the best we could to reduce the load on the heat pump. We had the thermostat set higher than ever before and kept the house as dark as possible to eliminate any kind of sunlight heating. We were really fortunate that the heat pump hung on until October when we had enough money to put in new residential HVAC.

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