Modern HVAC technology is awesome

We want to tell you that we are amazed with today’s central HVAC systems.

They are so much better than the central HVAC systems of even 15 years ago. HVAC technology has changed so much and has brought so much to the table. Radiant heated floors and HVAC zone control (also known as zoned HVAC systems) are some of our personal favorites. Who would have thought that you could have heating coming out of your floors all generated from sizzling water pipes? That is like a significant energy saver. If they’d only make them cheaper all the people would have radiant heated floors and put the energy companies out of business eventually for the most part. And that would be a good thing with the high cost of energy prices we now experience. Then you have HVAC zone control or zoned HVAC systems. This is where you can have different temperatures with several control units throughout your lake house as if you had a single central heating HVAC unit for every single room. But the fact is it’s only one HVAC system running it. These are high in energy use, however are a good thing if you have a lake house that has different temperatures needs that indoor weather conditions control that would be impossible otherwise. Today’s HVAC is so awesome.


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