New chapter begins with ductless heat pumps

The decision to leave for the south after retirement was not an easy one.

Leaving the harsh winter weather was the easy part. If I never see a gas furnace again, that’s not going to hurt my feelings. I can also do without snow and ice for the rest of my life as well. I much prefer the very little need for heating that we have now that we live down south. Still, leaving the place where you raised your family isn’t easy. But retiring wasn’t going to be easy for either of us either. Both my wife and I worked really hard inside the commercial HVAC of our businesses for more than 40 years. That’s a long time to commit to the same organizations. On top of that, we really did love and have a passion for our respective careers. The past year has been all about working through the succession plans put in place by the company. We also upgraded the HVAC equipment and the HVAC technology in order to sell the house. The house sold quickly with the latest in residential HVAC helping add such big value. But it was leaving our friends that ended up being so terribly hard. These were people that we raised families with and went through all kinds of good times and tough times. These days, I’m enjoying the heating and cooling comfort produced by our ductless heat pumps in our little retirement home. We chose to go with a multi-split ductless heat pump in order to expedite the renovation process. But it turns out that we love that HVAC technology even more than central air conditioning. And it’s nice when our friends can dial in their own thermostat setting when they come to visit.



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