Pay attention to the HVAC warranty

When I first got my new HVAC equipment, it was sort of like Christmas for me.

And I wasn’t really listening to the HVAC contractor as he went over the final instructions once the HVAC unit was installed.

Thankfully, my wife was paying attention and she made sure that we took care of everything we needed when it came to the new HVAC unit. The first thing she did was to call and register the warranty with the factory.The HVAC contractor told her that all too often folks forget to register the warranty in the allotted time. With our HVAC equipment, we had to register the warranty within 60 days of installation. But thankfully, my wife also read the HVAC warranty and all the fine print. Of course, I was playing with the smart thermostat and tuning in the zone controlled HVAC. I couldn’t be bothered with something like paying attention to important facts. The fact that my wife read the HVAC warranty ended up saving me from making a huge mistake. I came home this past summer to find the HVAC equipment running, but no cooling air coming from the vents. Instead of immediately calling the HVAC professionals, I decided I’d have a look. I’m so glad that my wife walked in just as I was starting to take the front panel off a piece of the HVAC equipment. She stopped me in my tracks when she told me that if I did anything further, it would void the HVAC warranty. And indeed, that did check me up right fast. Our HVAC warranty clearly stated that nobody but a certified and licensed HVAC technician can work on the HVAC equipment. So once again, my wife being the adult in the family really pays off.



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