They have their own space and own heating and cooling

Waking up in her new bedroom is almost like being on a getaway.

Molly has a coffee pot right in her new space that she sets every night.

So, Molly woke to the stink of freshly brewed java and sunlight streaming through the new window of her bedroom. From her bed, she can adjust the ductless heat pump to supply her the exact quality heating and air she needs depending on the season. Today, it was hot and appealing so Molly managed to take her coffee out on her private deck. That would be the deck that’s beyond the french doors. Seriously, Molly really did something good with this new addition. Actually, it was an answer that she had to come up with to keep her girls from killing each other. The two young girls had been sharing a room since they were babies. Those two are only a year apart and Molly had hoped they could continue to share a room inside the central a/c of her lake house. That didn’t turn out to be ideal and it was clear that they had to have more space. There was no way Molly was buying a bigger home with the prices out there. So, the only thing that really made any sense was to add on to her existing home. Thank goodness she made the right call. Not only are the girls now happily in their own rooms, but they have their own space and heating plus cooling. Since the Heating and A/C device couldn’t handle this much air volume, Molly chose to go with a ductless heat pump in her bedroom. It’s simply awesome and she cherishes being able to have her own heating and cooling. It really does feel sort of like a getaway lake house.