New HVAC heating method is simply amazing

When we chose to go with the geothermal heat pump for the heating and cooling in our home, we weren’t thinking so much about the feel of the heating.

And now that we’re living with it, the heating feel in our house is about the best I’ve ever experienced.

I certainly can’t think of a place that was more cozy than our home on a cold winter day. For sure, the geothermal radiant floor heating has our old gas furnace beat all to pieces. And that’s really no reflection on that gas furnace. It did really well for a lot of years. When we installed it after buying the place, we were super pleased with both efficiency and heating strength. And when we sold the house, we replaced that gas furnace with the same make but with more HVAC technology. No we wanted a geothermal heat pump for two reasons. The first is that it’s about the most efficient and sustainable residential HVAC there is. Second, the geo heat pump goes forever. Well, not actually forever but on average, it’ll go like 35 years. And that’s a whole lot of savings on the utility bill. It almost pays for itself really with all that savings. And really, I love the idea that we are doing our part to leave a smaller carbon footprint. I just wish that climate change was not such a divisive issue because all of us ought to do our part. But when I flip the thermostat over to heating, that radiant floor heating creates the most amazing heating atmosphere ever. It’s still hard to believe that it’s far cleaner and cheaper than a gas furnace.

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Not taking chances with my HVAC equipment

I can’t believe that it’s come to me having to actually lock up the HVAC cabinet outside my house. First it was extra deadbolts and bars for the sliding glass doors. Then, I had to put up surveillance equipment and floodlights with motion detectors. All of this just to keep from having my stuff stolen or worse. And I live outside the city! That was supposed to be the whole point of moving to a bedroom community. It was a safe place to live and the schools were great. Sadly, it seems that all that is being chipped away at a bit at a time. The latest is thieves ripping apart HVAC equipment just to get their hands on a minimal amount of copper fittings. I mean, why not just steal the HVAC equipment inside the HVAC cabinet then? There are thousand of dollars worth of HVAC components inside that HVAC cabinet so why not steal that? Nope, they simply destroy all that stuff just to get to the copper fittings. It boggles the mind, it really does. But then again, I don’t know what it’s like to have to feed an addiction or be desperate enough that destroying HVAC equipment for a little copper makes sense. This is the new fad and it’s happening with greater frequency in our community. So I had no choice but to take action. Trying to fight with my insurance company over the destruction of my HVAC unit was not something I wanted any part of. That led me to go online to find a cage which fits over the HVAC cabinet and then locks down to the concrete pad underneath. Again, I can’t believe it’s come to this.


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HVAC helps us help a neighbor

And everyone, every single family contributed

I’m for sure all about more love and less hate. That is something we could sure do with a lot more of right now. It seems that everywhere I go, people’s default response to just about anything is hostility. The attitudes and behaviors I encounter are generally just so negative. I realize that staying cooped up inside the air conditioning of our homes during the pandemic didn’t help. But I really feel like it’s so much more than that. And it’s just so unnecessary and sad. Actually, that’s the feeling I get more than anything else when I think about where we are as a society. I feel sad. Yet, there are also opportunities each day to turn that around and that’s just what my little community just did for a neighbor. One of our neighbors had the heat pump die on them. These folks didn’t have a bunch of money to start with. But the pandemic caused the mom to lose her job and the dad still hasn’t gotten his full salary levels restored since the pandemic is still going. We live in a region where doing without air conditioning in the summer is simply not possible. For sure, we need HVAC cooling just to manage the levels of heat and humidity. So along with the local HVAC company, our neighborhood pitched in and got these people some new residential HVAC. And everyone, every single family contributed. That’s the sort of place that I remember living in. We might all me different but we pull together to take care of each other.

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Attention and maintenance gets the most out HVAC equipment

I don’t mind paying for quality but I just hate paying for products and services that have very little value. That’s the sort of thing that just drives me mad. I’d much rather pay 25 percent more for great quality than save that money buying junk that will have to be replaced quickly. I was definitely that way when choosing the residential HVAC for this house. When I bought this place, I knew that one of the first things I’d have to do would be to replace the heating and cooling equipment. The old HVAC unit was just that, old. It had been around for more than 30 years and looked it. The seller actually tried to pass it off as much younger than it was. That was a mistake because I caught him in a lie that would ultimately result in saving thousands because I would have to replace the HVAC unit. And I took every bit of that extra money and poured into the best HVAC technology and residential HVAC equipment that I could buy. So of course, I protect that investment with seasonal HVAC maintenance. I belong to an HVAC service plan so the HVAC company even schedules the appointments. It’s really quite a deal. But I also pay attention to the HVAC unit on my own with monthly air filter changes and inspections. Like I said, I don’t mind paying more for quality but I’ll also be sure to take care of the stuff I spend good money on. And so I don’t mind putting money into protecting the HVAC unit with HVAC maintenance.


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Don’t make the mistake of cutting HVAC maintenance

I learned a lot over the last couple of years.

Something like the pandemic has a way of forcing yourself to take a hard look at just how you’re living your life.

Working from home inside the quality heating and air of my house gave me plenty of time to reflect. I noted right away that I was getting far more work done in less time. I like working inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office but there sure are plenty of distractions. And I tend to be one of those colleagues that most people come to when they need something. I don’t know if that’s because I’m a nice guy or because I actually know what I’m doing. Either way, I sure didn’t miss all the interruptions not to mention all the useless meetings. Our company has this penchant for dragging out what could be done in an hour over a half day with a catered lunch. It’s a waste of money, manpower and time if you as me. Another thing about the pandemic was that it forced me to take a real look at my finances. With the pay cuts we had to take, I had to really examine my budget. I almost dropped the HVAC service plan that I pay for each year. The HVAC service plan includes heating maintenance in the fall followed by an air conditioning tune up in the spring among other benefits. I thought perhaps that I could use that money elsewhere. But once I slept on that thought, I came to my senses. The HVAC equipment is too essential to my life to cut out the HVAC maintenance just to save money.


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I’m so thankful for my HVAC savings this summer

I just couldn’t do it again this summer.

This is the third full summer we’ve lived in the south.

And while we’ve become accustomed to a lot of other things about this region, the heat and humidity is tougher. For sure, we knew that we were in for a climate change when we moved down here. There would no longer be any need for a gas furnace for starters. We’d left that sort of HVAC equipment behind when we chose to move south for a great job opportunity for my wife. She is so happy to be working from the zone controlled HVAC comfort of her new offices. And being the boss is pretty cool as well. But she’s worked a long time for this sort of position so she’s more that prepared. In fact, last year, her office was the number one office in the company. That’s a huge turnover for that office which had been near the bottom prior to my wife taking over. Still, we have had a heck of a time when it comes to the air conditioning. Frankly, we just had to ease up on it so we could better acclimate to the heat. For sure, just pouring on more and more HVAC cooling wasn’t the answer. Well, it was the answer if you are looking for outrageous utility bills. So this spring, my wife and I decided to wait as long as we could to start cranking the air conditioning. And it sure has worked because we are comfortable with a higher thermostat setting and we’re saving a whole bunch of money.



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Pandemic and HVAC killed air travel for me

It’s weird but I really just don’t miss traveling by plane at all.

Granted, since or territories were realigned when we left the zone controlled HVAC of the office during the pandemic, I have less far to travel for business.

The company I work for closed the zone controlled HVAC of the offices up only a couple of weeks into the outbreak of Covid. That left those of us who have to meet with customers a bit out in the cold. It took several meeting for us to rearrange the territory map so we could drive to our costumers. That summer, I spent a lot of time inside my car what the air conditioning on max. But I found that there were a lot of pluses that went with traveling over the road instead of flying. For one, I didn’t have one missed appointment that whole summer due to a flight cancellation. That’s the first time for that in my entire career perhaps. But I also never missed being so hot on the planes. For some reason, I seem to find the flights where the HVAC cooling just isn’t getting it done. I got off those flights and would have to check into the hotel just to change into a new suit before going to see the customer. Sure, it takes a bit more planning and a bit longer to get around my new territory but I’m fine with that. Plus, I’d much rather stay at the interstate hotels where the heating and cooling is far more consistent.


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Getting out of the air conditioning for some camping

I’m the sort of guy who really likes to get out into nature. This is something that I find goes a very long way in helping me balance my life. The career I chose is an intense one. I spend a minimum of 60 hours a week inside the zone controlled HVAC of the offices. I don’t stay inside that air conditioning for fun. It’s just that this sort of effort is what it takes to succeed at what I do for a living. And I’m lucky that all that effort allows me to live a great life outside of the office. My home is super nice with great quality heating and air. It’s just me and my girlfriend and we’re both sustainability minded so it’s not some huge house. It’s a 3 bedroom home with one of those bedrooms having been converted to a home office that we share. However, we spared no expense when it comes to the stuff that we use. From kitchen tools to the heating and cooling equipment, we went for the higher end and all that added value. The residential HVAC we had installed when we bought the place is a great example. The heating and cooling equipment itself has one of the highest SEER ratings one can find. Then there is the zone controlled HVAC and a smart thermostat to take care of it all. But even with all that excellent heating and cooling comfort, I like to get out of the air conditioning any chance I can and out into the woods. Being in nature helps me remember just who I am and what I’m about.

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The bad guys made satellites that could control all HVAC units!

One intelligent cooling specialist figured it out when he discovered that a certain satellite was connecting to smart thermostats, wireless thermostats and even programmable thermostats and using them to control what the HVAC units did

There was a group of bad guys that made satellites that could control all HVAC units in the world! It happened one summer evening. Everyone was running their central air conditioners, window air conditioners, and commercial air conditioners to help with indoor comfort. Suddenly, all the cooling units started to spew out a toxic gas that burns your eyes. After releasing some gas from the HVAC units, every television showed a dark figure saying “if you do not turn over all your air conditioners, furnaces, and air purification units, we will continue to spew this gas into your home. You have two days to bring your HVAC units to a certain location. The whole world went into panck. People ripped out their window air conditioners and threw them in random fields. Some people got rid of their furnaces and air conditioners and just filled their home with several different types of air purifiers like HEPA air filters, whole home air purification systems, and anything that can help with air purification. Many HVAC technicians worked day and night to try to figure out how the villains were able to get poison into every furnace and air conditioner in the world. One intelligent cooling specialist figured it out when he discovered that a certain satellite was connecting to smart thermostats, wireless thermostats and even programmable thermostats and using them to control what the HVAC units did. When the satellite was gone, people were able to bring back their window air conditioners and other loved HVAC units. Everyone sill clings to their air purification systems just in case something like that happened again.

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The aliens made an HVAC unit with toxic fumes in it

The aliens made an HVAC unit with toxic fumes in it.

When we first met the aliens, we thought they would help us advance our HVAC industry.

We wanted to know more about air conditioning and get a better understanding of indoor air cleaning systems. We helped the airlines develop better commercial air conditioning systems and furnace installation. In return they showed us a new type of coolant that could be put into a central air conditioner or gas furnace. They claimed that this coolant could outdo our geothermal heat pumps and hybrid HVAC units in efficiency. We decided to put this coolant to the test in our HVAC lab. At the lab we have the world’s leading HVAC technicians, cooling specialists, and heating technicians. When we put the coolant into our test central air conditioner, the air that came out was extremely toxic. All of the HVAC technicians fell to the ground clenching their throats. One local service man who was there for observation was able to turn on three whole home air purifiers, as well as some air conditioners that had HEPA air filters in them. The air cleared up just in time. If the toxic air had come any longer, many of the HVAC technicians and heating technicians would have died! We told the aliens to take back theri coolant and leave us to do our own study on indoor air cleaning systems and central air conditioners. To this day we do not know the intent of the aliens. Many think they were trying to take over the world through our central air conditioners, gas furnaces, space heaters, and any other HVAC device that the coolant could be used in. If that was the plan, we are thankful we have developed excellent indoor air cleaning systems.


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Continuing the story of the theif

I found my fathers prototype

I followed closely behind the van that was being driven by an HVAC thief. I shot a small tracking device on the back of his truck with my advanced heating and cooling equipment, and then pulled over and let him drive off. That evening, me and my friend who is a cooling specialist tracked the truck that had stolen the hybrid HVAC unit from the lab. The truck was parked at what looked like an abandoned warehouse in the woods. Inside, we found hundreds of different quality HVAC equipment and cooling and heating units. We searched and found the stolen hybrid HVAC unit. I was hoping that somewhere in this HVAC warehouse we would find my fathers stolen grand central air conditioner prototype once and for all. While we were wondering, we heard the door open to the warehouse. We quickly hid in one of the aisles by the hot water boilers and gas furnaces. While we were hiding, I noticed that each aisle was categorized. One aisle had all gas furnaces, oil furnaces, and electric furnaces. The next furnace had whole home air purifiers and HEPA air filters. I realized that if I found the air conditioner aisle, then I might find my father’s central air conditioner! I sneaked from one aisle to the next, until I found the window air conditioners. When I saw the window air conditioners I knew I was close. Next came the commercial air conditioners, and last in the aisle was the central air conditioners. I found my fathers prototype. We called the police and recovered my fathers HVAC unit.



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There are so many thermostat options to choose from

There are so many thermostat options to choose from these days.

I have worked at a cooling and heating company for many years now, and one of the most common questions I get is “which thermostat should I get?” The list of thermostats that my company offers is the wifi thermostat, the wireless thermostat, the digital thermostat, the Dial thermostat, and the Programmable thermostat.

With all of these options, making the right decision can be a challenge. To help the customer, I first ask them what HVAC units they have. If they have an HVAC unit that can connect to wifi or has a wireless system such as an advanced central air conditioner, a hybrid HVAC unit, or a whole home air purification system, I will recommend that they get a wireless thermostat. The wireless thermostats include the smart thermostat and some programmable thermostats. If the customer does not have any HVAC units like the ones mentioned, I would recommend an older style of thermostat like the dial thermostat and the digital thermostat. With these tips most HVAC customers that come into my cooling and heating business are able to find their perfect thermostat for temperature control in their home. After the customer has purchased their thermostat, we send them a local service man or a heating technician to install it. While the new types of thermostats like the smart thermostat and wireless thermostat are great, don’t forget about the old school dial thermostat and programmable thermostat. These oldies are reliable and still recommended by most HVAC technicians and heating technicians.


There are so many thermostat options to choose from